Navigating Time in the Anthropocene

Involving Paul Merchant (Modern Languages), Nicola Thomas, (Modern Languages), Bergit Arends (Humanities), Blake Ewing (University of Oxford/Anthropocene Times Network) and Kaja Marczewska (V&A). 

This project will explore how culture, creativity and ‘critical making’ can promote richer understanding of temporality in the Anthropocene, an age in which humans are leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of the planet.  Specifically this project encourages thinking about time differently, as something that we make and that also makes us.  The focal point is the involvement of the V&A and its ‘rapid response’ collection that navigates multiple temporal scales. The ambition is that this awareness might lead to better decision making and action in both public and political spheres, as well as enhanced well-being and self-understanding.