Year, or Type of Project: Ideas Exchange

  • ‘Walking and Re-Creation’ was an interdisciplinary conversation which brought together the worlds of performance and public health, history and the contemporary moment, practice and theory. It took a long historical view of walking as a form of exercise, transport, healthy activity, and leisure to merge past and present, with the aim of discovering what walking then can tell us about walking and wellbeing now, in the age of coronavirus at the time. (read more)
  • The print shop of the hand press period is an early modern exemplar of critical making and co-production: hand press books were and are the products of many hands, hands which are often rendered invisible by the final product. This occlusion of the means of textual production is echoed and amplified by the troubling easiness of word processors and emails and messaging apps. (read more)
  • This Ideas Exchange project aims to host a workshop to explore the entangled history of the sea, and in doing so improve our understanding of how the oceans contribute to human wellbeing. (read more)
  • What is the perceived value of developing a set of guidelines for co-production co-designed by a group of disparate communities coming together to seek racial justice? The Research Action Coalition for Race Equality explores this in their work to overcome barriers to data access among race equality activists in the South West UK. (read more)
  • How would care receivers like to experience care in the future? What does it looks like? What is it's materiality? What emotions will it bring? “Bristol Carescapes” is a project about care futures in Bristol that compasses experiential, explorative and collaborative approaches to exploring and envisaging care futures. (read more)
  • Why social play is important? How might social video gaming impact the wellbeing of an individual? Is there a way to fulfill an individual's gaming purpose in a more social environment? This project worked to provide the groundwork for the creation of an innovative physical space that utilizes technologies to bring people from different walks of life closer together through the platform of video games.  (read more)
  • In what ways can analysis of nocturnal human-environment entanglements of the River Erme reveal new insights about the contested futures of our rivers? With a focus upon after-dark as a temporal location this research will focus upon the cultural invisibility of the nocturnal lives of bodies of water. (read more)
  • All young people's well-being, regardless of where they live, their race, gender, or social class, is essential for personal and professional success. (read more)
  • Public health approaches, which unite stakeholders in a common vision and build on existing strengths within communities, hold great potential for improving public attitudes and helping to ensure the bereaved are well supported. (read more)