Thematic tags: Narrative

  • ‘Creative Grieving’ drew on insights from psychotherapists, bereavements councillors, and art therapists as well as artists, photographers, directors and writers who had turned to creative projects as a means of expressing and processing their grief. The project involved traditional research components and practice-as-research components. (read more)
  • How would care receivers like to experience care in the future? What does it looks like? What is it's materiality? What emotions will it bring? “Bristol Carescapes” is a project about care futures in Bristol that compasses experiential, explorative and collaborative approaches to exploring and envisaging care futures. (read more)
  • Therefore the researchers aimed to explore explore the potentials in representing grief in a more nuanced and phenomenologically-minded manner. They sought to capture the lived experience of grief in fiction film. (read more)
  • Simulated patient sessions are a core part of health professional training and rely on actors playing the role of a patient in a prepared scenario. There is little official guidance on these scenarios, and many institutions create their own. These have the potential to be problematic and reinforce stereotypes.  This study will be the first step on a journey to coproducing a culturally competent teaching resource that reflects patient experiences and needs with materials from a range of communities, facilitation guide, and example videos.  (read more)
  • This project believes that storytelling can shed light on the structural conditions that drive people into contact with illegal drug markets in the first place. Through this project the researchers aim to start a dialogue about the effectiveness of different policy responses to tackle drugs-related issues in Bristol, to inform how we can live well with drugs in our communities. (read more)
  • How do you develop, conjure, and embody a believable yet mythical beast based on several points of reference? (read more)
  • The aim was to approach memorialisation, memory, and healing through dance to address the contested histories of Bristol, one of considerable note being the Colston Statue which was almost awarded a new plaque during the year of this Ideas Exchange (2019). (read more)
  • Although grief is a universal, human experience, it still remains a taboo subject for many. By focusing on a personal, lived experience of disenfranchised grief, this research aims to open up conversations about death and bereavement, in a manner that destigmatises grief and promotes compassion and understanding. (read more)