Thematic tags: Culture

  • Constitutional Therapy tells the story of Chile’s Constitution as it undergoes psychological therapy, where through a series of regressions it eventually locates the origins of its trauma: in an authoritarian, dictatorial and exclusionary past, which it has to confront in order to be able to turn the page and begin a new life. (read more)
  • The print shop of the hand press period is an early modern exemplar of critical making and co-production: hand press books were and are the products of many hands, hands which are often rendered invisible by the final product. This occlusion of the means of textual production is echoed and amplified by the troubling easiness of word processors and emails and messaging apps. (read more)
  • This Ideas Exchange project aims to host a workshop to explore the entangled history of the sea, and in doing so improve our understanding of how the oceans contribute to human wellbeing. (read more)
  • Collaboration and collectivity are key tenets of hip hop culture, yet most hip hop scholarship is the result of solitary endeavours. Currently, there exists no model for interrogating hip hop in its urban context that allows for a multivocal approach between multiple academic disciplines and artists, and one that balances cultural life both on the street and online. (read more)
  • Simulated patient sessions are a core part of health professional training and rely on actors playing the role of a patient in a prepared scenario. There is little official guidance on these scenarios, and many institutions create their own. These have the potential to be problematic and reinforce stereotypes.  This study will be the first step on a journey to coproducing a culturally competent teaching resource that reflects patient experiences and needs with materials from a range of communities, facilitation guide, and example videos.  (read more)
  • While using a washing-machine is a highly routinised domestic practice, its environmental implications have extensive detrimental environmental effects. At the same time due to sharp rises in energy prices, falling real wages, and ruinous levels of economic disparity, doing laundry in this way is becoming unaffordable for a growing proportion of the people in the UK. For the vehicle dwelling community of Bristol - who are living in the most part off-grid in urban and semi-rural areas within and around the city - the lack of easy access to laundry facilities, running water or wastewater drainage is nothing new. (read more)
  • One aim of the project was to make visible and tangible the flux between the material specificity of our labouring bodies and the immaterial world of data which represents their concrete abstraction. (read more)
  • How we think about time - and use time to think with – matters. This ‘temporal imagination’ shapes our understanding of the world, how it might change and influences what we value. What would an educational approach to time look like? (read more)