Farmers are Scientists: The Practice, Science and Movement of Agroecology

How can traditional farming techniques, honed over millennia, help enable substantial and sustainable increases in global access to food? This project will initiate an interdisciplinary network dedicated to learning practically together about the insights of the agroecology movement and how they might address the challenges faced by modern farming.

In a global context of climate change, social unrest and financial crisis, approaches must be found to substantially increase global access to food. Moreover, these methods must be environmentally sustainable and economically and socially just. This project asks whether the answers to these challenges could be found in traditional farming techniques – tried, tested and optimised over millennia with a philosophy of land stewardship and care.

The team will organise two workshops, gathering agroecological practitioners, working on varying scales, with an interdisciplinary group of both academics and non-academic experts. Together they will explore both the theoretical and practical aspects of the agroecological approach, looking at intentions, challenges and opportunities, while also practising the production of biofertilisers. By this means, the project will initiate a network that will continue to work together, creating and sharing resources, both as a whole group and in smaller working groups.

Who are the team and what do they bring?