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  • Peasant Popular Feminism seeks to remedy low levels of female participation in socio-political spaces, wider representation in La Via Campesina, the sexual division of labour within the organisation, and male influence over decision making. It also states the need for more female perspectives and experiences in fights for land, seeds, agrarian reform and access to credit. (read more)
  • Whatever our responses to these questions might be, it seems clear that thinking about climate change cannot ignore either food or justice.” (Who’s at the Table? Priorities After a Year of Food Justice Dialogue) (read more)
  • Society will need to do this using the same land base with less fossil fuels, water and chemical inputs within a scenario of climate change, social unrest and financial crisis. (read more)
  • What did the project involve?  The Bone Conducting Lollipop was an innovative confectionary that allows a person who has impaired to normal hearing, to hear music in their head through bone conduction. The project was born out of a project called OPUS: OPUS explored the public’s flavour associations to musical sounds that formed a consensus,… (read more)
  • To eat well humans need their food to contain particular attributes. Beyond the basic nutritive and safety requirements each person has other values which bring them greater well-being, or can detract from their enjoyment of food. In this project the team explored what eating well means to people in the context of killing animals for food, and what a cultural approach can bring to the assessment of welfare of food animals. (read more)