The Invisibility of the Sea brings together an English literature scholar (Laurence Publicover), an environmental law scholar (Margherita Pieraccini) and other academics from arts and sciences with Bristol-based artist Rodney Harris to produce a series of maps that explore the political, social, cultural and environmental implications of our relationship with the sea, which will be included in an exhibition aboard the MV Balmoral as it makes its summer cruises around the waters of the United Kingdom.

As Laurence Publicover reflects in The Invisibility of the Sea working paper (PDF, 542kB) “Working on literature, I am often thinking about the sea as a symbol or metaphor; and so working on this project has meant thinking, to a greater extent, about the thing itself—about declining fish stocks, bleached coral, rising temperatures, increased acidity, pollution from plastic, and so forth. But it is important to stress that the former influences the latter: our way of thinking about the sea influences the sea itself.”

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