How might an engaging artwork help women to connect or understand our bodies and hormonal changes on a deeper level? This research is focussed on the human experience of mental health and hormonal changes for women and how this effects society as a whole.

What did the project involve? 

This project was about women, by women and for women.

The research team were interested in key developmental stages, teenage, pregnancy and menopause – and how those hormonal shifts are perhaps undervalued and commonly underrated. A woman can go from being a teenager, and then be recommended to go onto the pill before we reach adulthood. How much do these hormones affect our development, and our personalities? Pregnancy creates another hormonal imbalance with some women suffering from post-natal depression. Next is the menopause – which has been until recently a taboo subject.

This research collaboration sought to carry out research and development that will feed into the production of a public outdoor artwork. This art sought to enable society to understand women’s hormonal changes and how research is needed and acceptance and understanding in order to support a society that enables women to live a healthy life.

Who are the team and what do they bring?

  • Maria Fannin’s (School of Geographical Studies, University of Bristol) research interests include feminist theoretical approaches to health and new medical technologies and empirical research on the ‘tissue economies’ of health and medicine.
  • GW4 Menstrual and Mental Health Research Community. This research community was established to facilitate collaborative research into how the menstrual cycle interacts with mental health.
  • Bronia Housman (Bristol based Designer) makes  sets and costumes for theatre, opera, dance and pop music performances.
  • Angie Bual (Trigger). Angie is the artistic director and founder of Trigger, an independent arts organisation based in Bristol. Angie is a Clore Fellow (Theatre), and has produced for many organisations. She is also on the board for the London Area Council for Arts Council England.