Thematic tags: community

  • How might an engaging artwork help women to connect or understand our bodies and hormonal changes on a deeper level? This research is focussed on the human experience of mental health and hormonal changes for women and how this effects society as a whole. (read more)
  • Recent social movements have catapulted the issue harmful masculinities into the forefront of public consciousness. Men also experience violence, yet this is overwhelmingly perpetrated by other men. This research seeks to form a network of practitioners, artists and academics to talk about boys, men and masculinity. (read more)
  • How can we better understand audiences experiences of temporary monuments? What is the best way to collect and use audience feedback during a live performance? This research explores these questions through the performance of living statues. (read more)
  • How can we ensure that walking is accessible to all? Can experimenting with different forms of walking change our view of society, health, and history? This research seeks to explore how progress through space can affect and effect social progress. (read more)
  • Can old, ephemeral items (like postcards) help us to establish a deeper connection with our homes and neighbourhoods? As a multidisciplinary team of historians, ‘adventure architects’ and archivists demonstrated, they certainly can. (read more)
  • What kinds of collective care practices can nourish and replenish us emotionally and politically? This research seeks to politicise care and place the emphasis on interdependence rather than independence. (read more)
  • How do pubs impact older men’s social connections? One group of researchers wanted to learn more. (read more)
  • How can an awareness of local history improve our understanding of our community? (read more)