Category: Interdisciplinary research

  • I was appointed as a seedcorn Research Associate for the second stage of the Brigstow Project Laundry Justice. My role involved carrying out a literature search of grey and academic literature about circus, including circus as part of academic research. It also included the role of production assistant over two days workshop with a group… (read more)
  • Welcome to the Menopause It used to be a secret But now… It’s too big not to talk about. [Nelissa Mendy, 2022]. The MenoMakers discussion and craft group has been running for two years in North Kensington, London. It has given us a much-needed space to talk about our menopause, one that we didn’t have… (read more)
  • #EmbracingEquity #IWD2023 One cold morning at the end of February in the privacy, warmth and safety of the Brigstow office I disclosed a poor wardrobe mishap that had given me a bumpy start to the day, and for my colleagues it opened up past recollections of sexist behaviours and attitudes to women, both humorous stories… (read more)
  • In 2022, we partnered with Boost Community, a collective of advice agencies (debt, benefits, housing and employment advice) at the Wellspring Settlement, and community researchers to explore lived experience of financial resilience and together develop ideas how to better support it. We were a diverse group of collaborators: for many of us English was not… (read more)
  • The acoustics industry has long been focussed on the mitigation of noise to reduce annoyance and stress to hopefully ensure that citizens are in good health. Quiet spaces are needed and appreciated by people. Many hours of research have gone into understanding the meaning and importance of tranquillity in urban areas. In terms of sound,… (read more)
  • The project took an interdisciplinary approach where audio describers, game developers, academics and participants with visual impairments worked collectively to produce and evaluate different styles of AD. Interdisciplinary teams are fundamental to the design of new technologies and their efficacy within real world contexts. While interdisciplinarity should be embraced within research teams, it is also… (read more)
  • Literary research is, by and large, a solitary endeavour. Writing poems, which I also do, tends to be no more sociable.  In both cases,  the most important process of collaboration is a matter of second thoughts that happen when drafts are finished enough to be shared with peers and editors.  I had noticed interdisciplinary research… (read more)
  • In conversation: Dr Alan T Kennedy-Asser, Research Associate, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol. Dr Clifton Evers, Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Newcastle University. Clifton: Let’s discuss your Temperature Life Stories project today and the use of arts-based research. For those of you who don’t know, or aren’t familiar with this term,… (read more)
  • Video gaming has become a worldwide mainstream entertainment with over 7 billion active gamers in the world in 2020. Yet, most video games are not accessible or fully accessible for people with disabilities. Game accessibility for players with sight loss is especially challenging due to the visual and interactive nature of games. Despite the accessibility… (read more)