Metre and Memorisation call for participation

by Metre and Memorisation

Brigstow Institute Experimental Partnership “Metre and Memorisation” will be exploring different ways of learning poetry. What’s the best way to learn a poem? Is silent rote learning effective, or is it better to repeat things aloud, to visualise the poem’s content, or to move about when trying to memorise it?

The research team are looking for people aged between 18 and 80 to take part in this study. The study would involve 4 zoom sessions that would happen weekly from (roughly) the middle of June to the middle of July. These would last about 45 minutes and it would be important that you attend all 4 sessions. You would be paid £8 per hour for your participation. At the end of the study you would also be invited to an optional feedback Zoom session where a poet and a critic from the University’s English Department would be on hand to discuss the poems you have learnt along the way.

If this sounds interesting, then please fill out Metre and Memorisation’s short participant survey.

Find out more about Metre and Memorisation, or, if you are under 18 take part in the “Bristol by Heart Poetry recitation contest”.