Brigstow presents our 2021 Seedcorn Experimental Partnerships

We are delighted to announce that the following projects have been awarded Brigstow Institute 2021 Seedcorn Funding:

What is the best way to talk about the menopause? Involving Dr Vanessa Beck (School of Management), Yvonne Melville (Fife Cultural Trust), and Fiona Miller (Tricky Hat Productions).

Posed as a Woman: Involving Prof. Josie McLellan (History), Dr Sarah Jones (History), Professor Lois Bibbings (University of Bristol Law School) and Tom Marshman (Artist).

Temperature Life Stories: Feeling the Heat: Involving Dr Alan Kennedy-Asser (Geographical Sciences), Dr Kirk Sides (English), Caleb Parkin (Bristol City Poet), Clifton Evers (Newcastle University), Ellie Shipman (Artist and Illustrator) Karen MacDonald (Bristol Museums), Sarah Mountford (Windmill Hill City Farm).

Metre and Memorisation: Involving Dr William Wooten (English), Prof. Chris Jarrold (Psychological Science), Dr Nina Kazanina (Psychological Science).

Building Instruments: Community soundscapes for urban exploration and sonic architecture: Involving Joshua Taylor (Computer science), Dr Pete Bennett (Computer Science), Jameson Musyoki (Freelance Researcher), Anna Rutherford (Architecture Centre), Stephen Hilton (Global City Futures).

Can audio description make video gaming possible for blind and partially sighted players? Involving Dr. Xiaochun Zhang (Modern Languages), Dr Andy Flack (History), Dr Stuart Gray (Computer Science), Jane Devoy (Freelance Audio Describer), Sonia Castelo Branco (Freelance Audio Describer), Claire Morwood (3-Fold Games), Chella Ramanan (3-Fold Games).

Prehension Blooms: Expanding access to creative spaces for isolated people using soft robots: Involving Dr Hemma Philamore (Engineering Mathematics), Dr Helen Manchester (Education), Adrienne Hart (Neon Dance).