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  • The acoustics industry has long been focussed on the mitigation of noise to reduce annoyance and stress to hopefully ensure that citizens are in good health. Quiet spaces are needed and appreciated by people. Many hours of research have gone into understanding the meaning and importance of tranquillity in urban areas. In terms of sound,… (read more)
  • The ‘Building Instruments’ project was created to explore how we might sculpt soundscapes around the public’s perception of acoustic comfort. To do this we put together a team of people from very different and complimenting disciplines: Ainolnam Azizol – Sonic Researcher (Intern) Pete Bennett – Digital Artist and researcher Jameson Musyoki – Acoustician Szabina Orosz… (read more)
  • In conversation: Dr Alan T Kennedy-Asser, Research Associate, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol. Dr Clifton Evers, Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Newcastle University. Clifton: Let’s discuss your Temperature Life Stories project today and the use of arts-based research. For those of you who don’t know, or aren’t familiar with this term,… (read more)
  • Defining ‘Food Justice’ is not easy. When it comes to ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ in relation to our food system, should we be concerned with questions of individual citizens’ access to sustainable sources of subsistence, or issues of production, labour and the practices of agri-business? Do people have clear rights to food? And should such rights… (read more)
  • Whilst awareness of climate and ecological crises has increased, many are still unsure how they fit into the wider pattern of policy to address it. The question that many ask is ‘what can I do?’. Answering this question is tricky and for a number of reasons. The first is systemic. Thinking in terms of individual… (read more)
  • What is the most extreme temperature you have experienced? Take your time and have a moment to think about it. What was happening that day? Where were you? Which of your senses feature in the memory? Do any emotions come back to you? While you’re thinking about it, I’ll tell you a little bit about… (read more)
  • Part 1: In a conversation recorded at the plot in summer 2021, Katharine Charsley, Professor of Migration Studies, and Savita Wilmott, CEO The Natural History Consortium , talk migratory and flagship species and demonised categories of humans and nonhumans. Part 2: In a conversation recorded at the plot, in summer 2021, Katharine Charsley, Professor of… (read more)
  • Experiencing a changing climate through stories, poetry and data We all feel the heat, but how do our personal experiences and circumstances affect what we feel? Join the Brigstow Institute at the University of Bristol to create an online exhibition exploring our personal temperature life stories through poetry and data. Poetry workshops, led by Bristol City Poet Caleb… (read more)
  • Awareness of the climate and ecological crises has increased, with new patterns of behaviour emerging across the globe and ever-louder calls for even more action. Bristol is widely seen as a leader in this change. 86% of Bristolians are concerned about climate change, and levels are high across different ages, ethnicities and the city’s 34… (read more)