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  • Since March 2022 when the project team met in person for the first time around Brigstow’s recipients cohort meeting, Motherhood in a Climate Crisis officially moved from the conceptual into the practical. The aim of the project was to reduce isolation and stigma and stimulate ongoing conversation on the ways that Climate Change impacts women’s… (read more)
  • Image credit: Ibolya Feher Motherhood In A Climate Crisis is an experimental partnership supported by Brigstow, which aimed to explore women’s thoughts, feelings and experiences around mothering in the climate crisis. Knowing that this was a topic which elicited very strong feelings, the project was explicitly designed with notions of care – for both participants… (read more)
  • In 2022, we partnered with Boost Community, a collective of advice agencies (debt, benefits, housing and employment advice) at the Wellspring Settlement, and community researchers to explore lived experience of financial resilience and together develop ideas how to better support it. We were a diverse group of collaborators: for many of us English was not… (read more)
  • Eleanor Rycroft is a Historian of walking & theatre. She documented a women-led night walk, taking a route that is historically associated with sex-work, connecting the walk, and its participants, to a lineage of night-walking women. Eleanor’s soundwalk is one of the shortlisted pieces in the Sound Walk September Awards 2022. Here, she talks about the context of their… (read more)
  • As she pulled back the blue and green curtain that closed off a small sleeping pod built into the wall, with just enough room for some comfortable pillows and light bedding, we looked up to a screen – which served to represent a window onto a Martian landscape – with an image of red rock… (read more)