Thematic tags: Rural

  • What makes a place special and unique? What causes people to fall in love with an environment? These questions sat at the heart of this Brigstow Institute-supported project. Working together, researchers at the University of Bristol and key regional partners from the National Trust investigated ‘spirit of place’ at the Holnicote Estate in west Somerset. (read more)
  • How can medieval churches tackle longstanding issues of uncertainty in contemporary rural life? This research aims to draw on the roles of heritage sites in local, national and transnational activities to help develop place-based responses to rural uncertainty. (read more)
  • A red triangluar road sign to indicate flooding overlaid with images of flooding maps
    In emergency flood disasters, what information is needed from scientists? How should data be presented and within what timeframe? This research project aims to gain a deeper understanding of organisations’ flood data needs, in order to produce more useable science. (read more)
  • What are the forces that shape the structure our cities? How do pollution and slums impact urban development in the long run? By studying maps spanning almost a century, this project will explore these questions to understand how our future cities might be more sustainable. (read more)