Thematic tags: place

  • Photo of a living room. the sofa is covered in a sheet.
    How can we expand current understandings of war and what makes war possible by focussing on ‘home’? This photo-documentary research project aims to disrupt current representations and understandings of war to further the collective understanding of war, war-time and military life. (read more)
  • The project set out to explore how different European community projects, social movements, researchers, and initiatives define, measure and experience wellbeing and resilience. (read more)
  • How do people seek out and access certain types of sound? What do they think and feel about the sound that they experience? This research will investigate the specific sound ecology within Bristol Cathedral and of the adjacent urban space, College Green. (read more)
  • How can an awareness of local history improve our understanding of our community? (read more)