Thematic tags: Complexity

  • The diatom as a micro-space/organism will be at the heart of the project as a thinking-making trigger and to communicate beyond the project. Can we imagine a time when we take responsibility for the health of our water systems? What might an arts practice look like as a result of this speculative dialogue? (read more)
  • The storytellers with learning disabilities worked in collaboration with historians to uncover this fascinating hidden history. In order to get a feel for what life was like for Fanny, OpenStoryTellers, working with the Bristol academics, investigated all aspects of 18th century life, including the fashion, the food, the leisure pursuits, architecture and schooling, visiting places including the Pump Rooms and the Fashion Museum in Bath. (read more)
  • How do you create sensitive and authentic cinematic representations of grief? This practice-as-research project attempts to empathetically represent lived experiences of grief on screen using the formal elements of film language (cinematography, mise-en-scène, sound design, etc). (read more)
  • Is it possible to write a maths poem? This interdisciplinary project brings together mathematicians and poets to explore the possibility of using mathematical language to express poetic concepts. (read more)