The Missing Numbers LightBUGGY Tours

Sat, 24 November 4pm



138 Wells Road BS4 2AG (entrance on Firfield Road)

Come and follow Andy McKeown’s lightBUGGY* on a projection tour of the ‘Missing Numbers’, the ghosts of lost houses, shops demolished and people moved on after the demolitions in the 1970s for a road that was never built.

While you’re there visit the Missing Numbers exhibition at 138 Wells Road (entrance on Fifield St) and explore the story of what happens to a place where half the neighbourhood is demolished.

*The lightBUGGY, a modified toddler’s pushchair mounted with a projector, will travel around Totterdown on a special trail as the twilight sets in on Saturday. Images will be cast onto buildings and into the empty spaces left by demolition

Artist Andy McKeown of Wid Strawberry says:”The ‘lightBUGGY’ will transform Totterdown into a giant canvas. Hopefully we can surprise passers by and draw audiences into unexpected, unusual spaces. It always seems to make people smile.”

It’s all part of the Brigstow Festival: Re-imagining Research Together that takes place over the autumn across Bristol.