Making Place for Plants

Wednesday 17th May, 1pm - 4pm



Location: Royal Fort Gardens Beside the Physics Building Tyndall Avenue Bristol BS8 1TP

A discussion and celebration of plants at the (de)Bordering plots in Royal Fort Gardens, University of Bristol

“Plants are the most important, least understood, most taken for granted of all living things” (Wilkins, 1988). We need plants for life. Plants sustain us and give us joy. But are all associations positive? People, place and plants make each other and live in complex relationships. Come and join us to talk about vines and terroir, the nature of plants, the uses and abuses of hemp, and plants in space.

Join Brigstow and Migration Mobilities Bristol for a discussion and celebration of plants at the (de)Bordering plots in Royal Fort Gardens. This will be an opportunity to meet others, listen to talks from our four speakers, join in with the conversation, and share and appreciate some plant-based food and drink along the way.

Our speakers are:

  • Chris Watson (Domaine Watson): A passion for Chablis: wine, terroir and belonging
  • Franklin Ginn (UoB Geography): Are plants good to think with?
  • Neil Carrier (UoB Anthropology): High Hopes: Cannabis and developmental dreams in East Africa
  • Katy Connor (Artist): Growing Liveable Worlds: The role of plants in space

Vegan food will be provided by the Ninjo Noodle Bar.

The event will take place in person, at the (de)Bordering Plots in Royal Fort Gardens, nestled between the Wills Physics Building and Ivy Gate. Our understanding is that the pathways in Royal Fort Gardens are wheelchair accessible. The ‘Hearth’ part of the (de)Bordering plots is grass and bark. There is a kerb with a ramp providing access for wheelchair users. The ‘Hide’ is on uneven ground and can be overgrown with plants.