Brigstow Presents … Senses of Life

Tuesday, 18th January, 9.15 am


Online Event

Come and join us for Brigstow Presents…Senses of Life, a conversation that brings together two of our current co-produced projects for brief presentations on their progress and an opportunity for questions and conversation from you. These interdisciplinary projects explore our senses and how we perceive aspects of environmental changes. From the different ways individuals each experience temperature extremes and how that might inform our perception of climate risk, to how the sounds of the city affect our wellbeing, particularly how our sonic landscapes changed during the first lockdown.

The projects are:

  • Temperature Life Stories: Feeling the Heat with Alan Kennedy Asser (Geographical Sciences), Caleb Parkin (Bristol City Poet), Clifton Evers (Newcastle University), Ellie Shipman (Artist and illustrator), Kirk Sides (English), Karen MacDonald (Bristol Museums), Cassandra Phoenix (Durham University) and Sarah Mountford (Windmill Hill City Farm).
  • Building Instruments with Josh Taylor (Computer Science), Pete Bennett (Computer Science), Jameson Musyoki (Acoustician and researcher), Stephen Hilton (City Global Futures) and Anna Rutherford (Architecture Centre)

Please note that this meeting will take place online and will be recorded. A subtitled recording will be made available after the meeting.

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