Category: Mental Health Awareness Week

  • Research is difficult. Interdisciplinary, co-produced and collaborative research is even more difficult. Research involves risk as we ask new questions, of new data, using new methods. The novelty and originality that characterises researching is what attracts us to it, but also can be a source of anxiety. What if it doesn’t ‘work’? And this can… (read more)
  • Our research project Stitching-Obsession-Wellness seeks to explore the therapeutic role of sewing in 19th century asylums and its relevance to contemporary wellbeing. That relevance could not have been made more obvious by the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic many people have taken up or returned to sewing as a means of coping with the stresses… (read more)
  • When I cycled through London and I was able to recognise beauty for the first time again after a very long dark time it was so special. I could see it and I was aware that I hadn’t see anything beautiful for months, that I couldn’t see anything positive, nothing good. It was as if… (read more)
  • Knowing that it’s Mental Health Awareness Week beginning the 10th of May has brought to light an aspect of the project I’m working on that’s far more poignant than I first thought. I am one of three researchers involved with ‘We Are Still Here’, which records the stories of people within the HIV-community. I am… (read more)
  • Brigstow Funded Experimental Partnership “Experiments in Collective Care” has curated a lucky dip of resources to help you explore the subject of collective care. Click on the image of a question mark to be redirected to an online resource. Each question mark will send you to a different resource.     What kinds of collective… (read more)
  • With mental health week coming up, I started thinking about my own association with mental health, from a personal perspective, having struggled from time to time over the years, from the perspective of a past volunteer with Samaritans and from a work perspective. I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts with you.   Sometimes, when you’re… (read more)