Bristol by Heart – The Awards

Metre and Memorisation

The Metre and Memorisation Project, funded by the Brigstow Institute at the University of Bristol, announces the awards from the the Bristol by Heart poetry recitation contest in collaboration with Poetry by Heart 

The judges were much impressed by the range, enthusiasm, ambition and accomplishment of the different entries to the competition and would like to thank all those who entered the competition along with their teachers.

We received lots of entries in the Key Stage 2 (7-11), a healthy number in Key Stage 3 (11-14) categories, but none in the higher age categories (lack of take-up in older years seems to have been chiefly a consequence of the great pressures caused by in-school assessment this summer).  To reflect this, the judges decided to split the Key Stage 2 category into two: Year 5 and Year 6, awarding prizes for both years. There were also two instances where the judges top marks were equally divided between two candidates.  Here, it was decided that since each of the tied performance should receive the first prize in full.

Key Stage 2 (7-11)

Year 5: (9-10) 

Joint Winners

Charlie (Hanham Abbots Junior School)

Summer (Hanham Abbots Junior School)


Hayden (Hanham Abbots Junior School)


Year 6: (10-11)

Joint Winners

Emily (Ashton Gate Primary School)

Laura (Ashton Gate Primary School)  


Olly (Ashton Gate Primary School)  


Key Stage 3 (11-14)


Isabella (Fairfield High School)


Shaista (Fairfield High School)


Rayan (Fairfield High School)


Winners will receive £50 plus £25 for their school libraries.  Runner-up will receive £15 plus £10 for their school libraries.  Prizes, along with the judges’ feedback on all entrants will be sent to participating schools for distribution in September.

The Judges were: Mr Ife Grillo, Dr Tim Shortis, Dr Lorna Smith and Dr William Wootten