Year, or Type of Project: Collaborative Fellowship

  • For many urbanites, the pandemic revealed how accessible – or inaccessible – many urban spaces can be. But around the world, different responses to the pandemic led to radically different experiences of access to active leisure and the outdoors. One project sought to explore the experiences of Bristol and its French twin city of Bordeaux. It platformed community organisations that promote running, walking, or cycling, as well as individuals who have tried to stay active throughout the pandemic.   (read more)
  • In the Including the Excluded project, this meant looking at the experiences of pupils who had been excluded from school during the pandemic. How are these young people experiencing education now? How has expulsion impacted their mental health, social connectedness, and emotional wellbeing? And crucially, what are excluded pupils’ educational and wellbeing needs now we’re returning to face-to-face learning? (read more)