Thematic tags: storytelling

  • Storytelling and practices of orality are fundamental components to Caribbean cultures, both regionally and nationally. Folk characters like Anansi, Compere Lapin, La Diablesse, and the Soucouyant are remembered and retold in the Caribbean and its diasporas through a rich tradition of oral storytelling. Storytelling has not only persisted as a means of connection and entertainment in the Caribbean, but also serves as a ‘methodological [tool] for unsettling colonialities in the twenty-first century’. (read more)
  • Engaging young readers in the co-creative activity of fiction/storytelling may provide hopeful and effective new reactions to the climate crisis, creating imaginative and desirable images of change and resilience to counter fear, apathy, and despair. (read more)
  • Academics are sometimes reluctant to admit that the takeaways from their research are more than factual. As a creative research process – rather than just a final output – storytelling is a way to explore the emotional, psychological, and spiritual truths in academic research, as well as the factual ones. (read more)