Thematic tags: play

  • Why social play is important? How might social video gaming impact the wellbeing of an individual? Is there a way to fulfill an individual's gaming purpose in a more social environment? This project worked to provide the groundwork for the creation of an innovative physical space that utilizes technologies to bring people from different walks of life closer together through the platform of video games.  (read more)
  • Children’s connection with nature is considered important for improving wellbeing and encouraging pro-environmental behaviours at a time of planetary crisis. However, the impact of directives to ‘stay at home’ during the COVID-19 pandemic have raised concerns over children’s health, development, and engagement with the outdoors, particularly in areas of low socio-economic status. (read more)
  • Is audio description assisted game playing feasible? Can audio description be applied to game streaming? Can video games include audio description? This research project seeks to answer these questions and promote accessible video gaming for all. (read more)
  • Food+Anxiety was a co-produced research project which helps people who experience food anxieties and eating disorders to live well as a result of our creative resolve to examine “uncertainties” in the support provided by the healthcare service. (read more)
  • This project allowed misbehaviour with food to explore ideas about what is bad and why, and to unleash the creative and economic potential of a socially under-valued group of women.  (read more)
  • Museums don’t just give us the chance to encounter history; they let us question it.   (read more)
  • While working together on another project at Pervasive Media Studio, Peter Bennett and James Wheale made a surprising discovery: that they could create an app that was controlled by making a wine glass sing. This quickly developed into controlling the app by blowing across the top of a glass bottle. The level of liquid in the bottle determines… (read more)
  • Evidence for ‘what works’ in reducing loneliness and social isolation amongst older people is limited, and studies that focus on older men alone are yet more limited still. (read more)
  • When living in captivity, all kinds of animals can thrive when engaging with cognitive challenges. Although the gorillas at Bristol Zoo had rich social lives, the team wanted to provide them with a stimulating and rewarding game that not only promoted play, but also gave them more choices and control in their environment.   (read more)