Thematic tags: performance

  • Following the School of Sociology, Politics, and International Studies (SPAIS) model of ‘Decoding Gender in the Media’ and the ‘Decoding Diversity in the Media’ workshops run by SPAIS for local schools, this project developed a session ‘Decoding Migration in the Media’. (read more)
  • ‘How to live well with rhetoric?’ is a pressing question facing 21st century democracies: commentators and political scientists claim we are living through a ‘post-truth’ era, which has seen emotive soundbites and a disregard for experts undermine the health of democratic debate. (read more)
  • This project explored ways in which sociology, gender studies, and theatre can work together to produce a successful piece of entertaining theatre on the topic of contemporary parenthood. (read more)
  • The ships got a bit lost on the way, and they ended up off the coast of Sierra Leone. There, according to the evidence we have from journals, they traded peaceably with the Temne people and Portuguese intercessors, and performed Hamlet on board the Red Dragon, possibly before an African or Afro-Portuguese audience. (read more)
  • ‘Creative Grieving’ drew on insights from psychotherapists, bereavements councillors, and art therapists as well as artists, photographers, directors and writers who had turned to creative projects as a means of expressing and processing their grief. The project involved traditional research components and practice-as-research components. (read more)
  • Collaboration and collectivity are key tenets of hip hop culture, yet most hip hop scholarship is the result of solitary endeavours. Currently, there exists no model for interrogating hip hop in its urban context that allows for a multivocal approach between multiple academic disciplines and artists, and one that balances cultural life both on the street and online. (read more)
  • The project intends to co-create, with artists and theatre practitioners, an interdisciplinary hands-on workshop and symposium on ‘Puppetry and an Ethics of Relation’, to allow creative practice and academic research around the ethics of relation in puppetry and robotics, in a range of radical interdisciplinary contexts, to feed mutually into one another, and to establish the framework for future co-created projects around object theatre, robotics and co-presence. (read more)
  • This project is built on the idea that memories of migration are not only related to catastrophic events but distilled through time and in multiple generations of migrants’ everyday lives. They also transcend the traumatic, traverse places and spaces, are felt and produced through the body, and (re)created intergenerationally. (read more)
  • While using a washing-machine is a highly routinised domestic practice, its environmental implications have extensive detrimental environmental effects. At the same time due to sharp rises in energy prices, falling real wages, and ruinous levels of economic disparity, doing laundry in this way is becoming unaffordable for a growing proportion of the people in the UK. For the vehicle dwelling community of Bristol - who are living in the most part off-grid in urban and semi-rural areas within and around the city - the lack of easy access to laundry facilities, running water or wastewater drainage is nothing new. (read more)