Thematic tags: Inclusion

  • This project will engage the Bristol community in a conversation about the nature of consciousness and thought. This will require the co-creation with the community of an approach to structured conversations and interviews suitable for these difficult abstract issues and will result in a web-based collection of source material describing the lived experience of existence. (read more)
  • The team are interested in health technologies to help children (and their families) living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Their vision is to co-design, develop and evaluate a “just-in-time-adaptive-intervention” (JITAI) for paediatric ADHD. (read more)
  • This project sought to use Bristol’s Hatchling Event to take a distinctively Bristol look at migration, to widen the range of people that the University engages with, and to design a method for public engagement with issues around migration and asylum. (read more)
  • The project undertook a journey of exploring and looking to improve children’s early opportunities for play and interaction, and to improve the wellbeing and sense of community and connectedness for their families. (read more)
  • Bristol has a rich, and much explored history of political, cultural and community activism. However, accounts of Disabled people’s own stories, contributions, and intersections and solidarity within the wider histories of activism have often been missing. (read more)
  • The researchers invited local community members and interested stakeholders from statutory, voluntary and academic sectors to promote dialogue on this aspect of neighbourhood environment and health, and to discuss walkabout and photovoice as a way to engage with BAME and disadvantaged communities. (read more)
  • The researchers believed that during this time the tools we were creating to respond to ‘the new normal’ had the capacity to further cement telepresence into our lives and to move further away from social communication. It was a time in which all of us were thinking afresh about how we live well with distance. (read more)
  • The researchers believed that Brexit had laid bare a number of the cleavages across different communities in Bristol, producing new (and reproducing old) anxieties about immigration, racism, class, and the so-called 'left-behind'.  Their aim was to work with different communities and practitioners in Bristol to identify these cleavages and also to develop innovative and immediate but also lasting strategies to alleviate them. (read more)
  • The project will bring together the personal archives of an artist (feelings, memories, stories, performances), archives, academic research, and the experiences, rememberings and reactions of the community to find new ways of understanding and talking about moments of ‘repression and silence’ and their effects (read more)