Thematic tags: communication

  • People with hearing often assume that audible language is all that inter-human conversation offers. However, for over 200 years, a community of 'visual humans' – deaf people, or those who experience the world in a predominantly visual way and who communicate in one of the world's natural, visual, sign languages - have sought to persuade the hearing world of the extraordinary potential of a language made of light, crafted by motion, and captured through vision. (read more)
  • The field of soft robotics has the potential to provide superior alternative modes of communication to address some of these issues. Soft robots are constructed from materials similar to those found in living organisms and can also move and adapt to their surroundings like living things. (read more)
  • How can an supportive and informative conversation about menopause be started without embarrassing or putting off people? This research seeks to create an intervention that helps to aid open conversations about menopause. (read more)
  • Can you apply narrative methodology to real life GP consultations and patient histories? This project will use storytelling to create a toolkit that will improve communication when giving and receiving medical histories. (read more)