Growing Liveable Worlds: Ethical encounters between human and plant life.

This project will generate insights into new ways of living well with plant species by asking participants to experience a ‘Living Lab’ within the speculative scenario of terraforming Mars. A hydroponic technogarden will engage participants to reflect on wider questions of science, technology, botany, materiality and ethics. It will consider the multiple ecological relationships between plants, automated hydroponics technologies, robotics and the human sensorium. By looking into the question of taking plants into outer space, the research seeks to shed light on how we relate to plants today and seed new ways to envision human-plant relations in the future, and the present.

Involving Franklin Ginn (School of Geographical Sciences), Jane Memmott and Bethany Eldridge (School of Biological Sciences), Katy Connor (Artist), Ella Good and Nicki Kent (Lead Artists of The Martian House).