‘The Burst of Things’ – Exploring the creative processes behind our different voices: podcast, film, platform

Wednesday 3rd November 2021, 3-4pm



Online Event

‘The Burst of Things’ – la exploración de una Voz Latino americana del Podcast y sus procesos creativos

Please join us for an online event exploring the novel creative processes used in telling the story of Chile’s social movements.

The Burst of Things” and “Where Are We Standing?” are part of a Chilean transmedia project that mix a podcast, a short film and an interactive platform, created by Border Podcast and supported by the Brigstow Institute.

In this presentation we will share the creative process behind the production of the audio series, The Burst of Things, that tells the history of Chile’s social movements from the perspective of the objects that shaped them: the saucepans that were banged in the streets, the yellow vests worn by protesters, the turnstile that was vaulted over by students refusing to pay fares, the face masks worn on marches, and a unique interview at a retired Police Weapons Rehabilitation Centre. The final episode, Constitutional Therapy, saw the current Chilean Constitution (created in the middle of General Pinochet’s dictatorship) decide to heal its past and go to therapy.

This audio series was created during 2020, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, by a transdisciplinary team directed from Chile by the artist Trinidad Piriz and filmmaker Maria Court in collaboration with the University of Bristol historian Professor Matthew Brown. At the event there will be an opportunity to hear from their creators explore how they produced this project, discussing the challenges of creative-transdisciplinary collaborations, and raising questions such as:

  • How and why do we create art to visualize a social revolution?
  • Where does reality meet with fiction and how does it feel when they collide?
  • What was it like developing a podcast in the middle of a pandemic, trying to write scripts, be creative, record and edit from our homes?
  • How did we find a unique, Latin American voice to create narratives and authored Stories for the podcast?
  • And finally, is it possible to develop a visual version of an audio artwork?

To answer this final question we will be presenting the EXCLUSIVE UK PREMIERE of our experimental short film Where are we standing? (15 minutes, 2021).

In the film the team explores the final minutes of the constitution’ life, in which it struggles to survive and to keep its voice alive, in visual form. It is a soundscape and surreal performance of the journey of a text. It takes the viewer to reflect on their own fears and beliefs about uncertainty, loss and memory.  We would like to know how you, our audience, experience the short film, and we will have half an hour to share observations and continue the discussion.

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