Local stories, global stories

Wed, 10 July 12 - 2pm



Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Third Floor, Richmond building, Queens Road, Bristol. BS8 1LN

Come and join us for a Brigstow Ideas lunch that brings together five of our current projects for brief work-in-progress presentations and an opportunity for questions and conversation from you. These interdisciplinary projects explore very different stories from the individual through to global communities.

The projects are:

  • Reimagining the diary with Lucy Kelly (Education), Grace Huxford (History), Catherine Kelly (Law) and Stand + Stare (artist-designers).
  • Going Global with Janet Orchard (Education), Sally Wan (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Jo Malone (Generation Global), Bridget Anderson (Sociology, Politics and International Studies). Pier-Luc Dupont Picard (Sociology, Politics and International Studies) and Sarah Smith (Education).
  • Experiments in Collective Care with Maud Perrier (Sociology, Politics and International Studies), Alice Tatton-Brown (Artist) and Junko Yamashita (Sociology, Politics and International Studies).
  • An Empathic Realisation of Embodied Grief in Fiction Film with Jimmy Hay (Film and Television), Lesel Dawson (English), Ed Johnson (Cruse Bereavement Care), Tim Atack and Taluja Atack (Sleep Dogs), Dee Ryding (Funeral Director), Natasha Rosling (Artist) and The Harbour Counselling Service.
  • Find your Village: feasibility work on refugee resilience narratives with Bristol Somali Community with Tom Allport (Bristol Medical School), with Tom Sperlinger (English), Vanessa Er (Bristol Medical School), Sarah Brodbin and Mora McLagan (Atgo Productions), Lamine Mahdjoubi (UWE) and Abdullahi Farah (Bristol Somali Resource Centre).

Our understanding is that this venue is wheelchair accessible and a hearing loop is available.