Little things rule the world screening

Wed, 23 January 7.30pm



The Cube cinema, 4 Princess Row, Bristol. BS2 8NQ

Little Things Rule the World is a collaborative project between geographer Merle Patchett (UOB), literary scholar, Rachel Murray (Loughborough University) and artist, Vicky Smith (Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film: BEEF).

As part of Brigstow’s 2018/19 Festival, Smith’s 16mm film Not (a) Part (2019) will be premiered with a live soundtrack by members of BEEF: Melanie Clifford, Kathy Hinde, Howard Jacques and Shirley Pegna along with The Making of Not (a) Part by Murray, Patchett and Smith (2019). There will also be a screening of several animation films that work broadly work with the subject and/or material of flying insects. The screening will be followed by a discussion between Murray, Patchett and Smith.

The Cube strives to accommodate everybody, however due to the historic nature of the building this can be difficult for wheelchair users and those with severe mobility issues due to the many steps required to access the venue, and between the various different levels inside. They are also not legally permitted to accommodate wheelchairs in the auditorium due to its small size, and the fact that all entrances and emergency exits involve rather steep stairs for access. If you have concerns about your access to the venue then please feel free to contact The Cube at