2020 Ideas Exchange Coffee Morning

Thurs, 30 January, 9am onwards



Garden Room, Royal Fort House, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol, BS8 1UH

Would you like to apply for Brigstow’s Ideas Exchange funding but have a few questions? This is your chance to discuss your ideas.

Book a slot and come along to talk through your ideas with Brigstow’s Director Tim or Brigstow’s Manager Gail.

If you can’t make it on 30 January, there’s another chance to chat in the afternoon of Wednesday 5 February.

To come along to a session on the 30 January, click Select a Time and sign up to one of the half hour slots. You just need one time slot, however many of the team are coming.

It would be a good idea for you to read through the guidelines before you come so you can make the most of your half hour. The guidelines can be found on the Funding page of Brigstow’s website.

The venue is wheelchair accessible via the entrance to the Royal Fort House staff lounge.