Human Rights implementation: a call for interdisciplinarity

Weds 22 January



Library Room, Royal Fort House, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol, BS8 1UH

Brigstow Ideas Lunch: a call for interdisciplinarity around the implementation of Human Rights law

We are experimenting with a new strand of our ongoing series of Ideas Lunches. These ‘Call for Interdisciplinarity’ Ideas Lunches offer the chance for researchers from the University of Bristol who are reaching the limits of what their discipline can offer, to invite others into the conversation. Our first partners with the Human Rights Implementation Centre to ask:

How could Interdisciplinary and co-produced research approaches help with the implementation of Human Rights law?

with Rachel Murray (Bristol) and Clara Sandoval (Essex)

For the past decade, the Human Rights Implementation Centre at the University of Bristol have been working with various institutions to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence the implementation of human rights in practice. Their work so far has been conducted very much within the legal discipline using a socio-legal approach. This has been essential, for instance, when focusing on courts, legislative processes and legal instruments, tools that human rights lawyers working in this area consider the most powerful and effective in ensuring State compliance with its international obligations. However, legal solutions alone are often insufficient in securing implementation of the decisions and recommendations from human rights monitoring bodies. Given that legal scholarship, tools and approach are not always delivering, what other approaches could be developed to foster implementation of decisions by international courts?

Please join us to bring your own disciplinary lens or experience of co-produced research methods to bear on questions that the team are asking and inviting input into.

Further details will be sent to all participants of the two cases from Latin America that will provide the focus of the discussion: Plan de Sanchez Massacre v Guatemala (2004) and Afro-descendant communities displaced from the Cacarica River Basin (Operation Genesis) v Colombia, (2013).

The venue is wheelchair accessible via the entrance to the Royal Fort House staff lounge. We will also have a hearing loop available.