Expression and Co-production. Work in Progress Online.

Wed, 22 July 2020 11am -12pm



Come and join us for a Brigstow work in progress conversation that brings together two of our current co-produced projects for brief work-in-progress presentations and an opportunity for questions and conversation from you. These interdisciplinary projects explore storytelling and expression, from how you can source and generate content from languages and stories underserved by the wider publishing industry, to investigating whether electronic inks can be used to create interactive digital tattoos.

The projects are:

Narratives and the Grapevine: New modes for literature and storytelling with Ed King (Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies), Madhu Krishnan (English) and Grapevine Media (Tim Kindberg and Lily Green).


Digital Tattoo: Designing interface for controlling smart ink in programmable tattoo with Anne Roudaut (Computer Science), Andrew Conn (Mechanical Engineering), Richard Trask (Aerospace Engineering), Ollie Hanton (Computer Science) and Olivier Roudaut (independent Tattoo Artist).

Please note that this meeting will take place online and will be recorded. A subtitled recording will be made available after the meeting.