Creative methods workshop

Wednesday 29th March, 10am – 3pm



In person, Venue TBC

Application deadline 12 noon 6th March 2023

Are you a postgraduate researcher or early career researcher at the University of Bristol and thinking about how to use creative methods within your projects to engage people fully in the research process?

Brigstow is working with Play:Disrupt to offer a workshop that will introduce you to creative methods for engaging other researchers including those beyond the university. At Brigstow we support radically interdisciplinary projects that use co-produced research approaches along with critical making – using making as a tool and viewing your project through a creative lens can bring a fresh and different perspective to your work.

“In this workshop we (Play:Disrupt) will introduce creative methods for engagement taking the group through examples from our own practice. We will touch on narrative techniques, loose parts, relational mapping methodologies and an introduction to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in order to think about how to ask the right questions. We will explore the different barriers to engagement and how we can overcome them.

Play:Disrupt are creative engagement specialists working in the built environment, health and wellbeing, academia and the arts. Organisations like University of Bristol, TRUUD, University of Chester, National Institute for Health Research Applied Research Collaboration West, Barbican, RSC, ARUP, Atkins, Bristol City Council and Portsmouth City Council, have all collaborated and benefited from our active, play based approach.

Play:Disrupt’s aim is to widen engagement, especially with communities who’ve been overlooked. We support a take-part society, seeking out barriers to engagement and inventing playful ways to overcome them. We invite people to play with different perspectives and make complicated issues easy to understand. Active engagement empowers participants, encourages collaboration, and allows more voices to share the stage.

Together we will develop creative engagement ideas by taking live project examples from the group and exploring the creative options around it.”

This workshop is open to those who consider themselves to be an Early Career Researcher* and students registered at the University of Br­istol to undertake an eligible postgraduate research or MRes (taught masters students are not eligible). You can apply by completing this form –

*Whilst this is difficult to define we take the view that this relates to the level of independence (or not) you feel you have as a researcher and confidence in leading a research project