Brigstow: How to prepare for a seedcorn application workshop

Wednesday, 20 October 10am


Ever wondered how you frame a research question? Who to have on your research team?

This is a short workshop that introduces some of the key things to think about in developing research questions and research project teams for Brigstow seedcorn funding. We will think about:

1) What makes for a good research question? Here we explore what research is and how to go about framing a research question.

2) How will you undertake the research? This will cover everything from methods and approaches to the kind of expertise (and therefore team members) you might need.

3) Why does it matter? As well as thinking about why research matters to you, we will also consider how to frame research questions that matter to a range of audiences – including academic audiences – and so how it can also matter to other members of your team.

There are only 12 places available on the workshop with a maximum of two spaces per potential project. The spaces are open to everyone who is interested in applying to Brigstow for funding but specifically those new to developing research projects. We are keeping the workshop small so that there is an opportunity for you to share your initial ideas and thinking, and ask questions. If you book but then can’t attend, please let us know so we can offer the space to someone else.

When you book you’ll be asked a couple of questions – this won’t be shared but will help us shape the workshop.

If you can’t make it to the workshop, we are holding 3 drop-in sessions and you are welcome to book on one of them by clicking on the links below: