Category: Ideas Exchange

  • We are delighted to present our 2022 Brigstow funded Ideas Exchanges. Brigstow Institutes Ideas exchange funding provides researchers the time and resources to connect with others and explore an idea’s potential together. It is designed to support emerging, interdisciplinary networks and partnerships that are co-designed and co-run with external partners. This cohort of seventeen ideas… (read more)
  • Image: Environmental entrepreneur, Ogechi Nwonye, with other environmentalists at the unveiling of waste recycling fabricated bins at Unity Park, Enugu, Nigeria. The bins help to curtail the incessant littering of waste around the park and to encourage a clean and green environment. With about 83 million Nigerians living below the poverty line and the youths… (read more)
  • Defining ‘Food Justice’ is not easy. When it comes to ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ in relation to our food system, should we be concerned with questions of individual citizens’ access to sustainable sources of subsistence, or issues of production, labour and the practices of agri-business? Do people have clear rights to food? And should such rights… (read more)
  • Whilst awareness of climate and ecological crises has increased, many are still unsure how they fit into the wider pattern of policy to address it. The question that many ask is ‘what can I do?’. Answering this question is tricky and for a number of reasons. The first is systemic. Thinking in terms of individual… (read more)
  • Awareness of the climate and ecological crises has increased, with new patterns of behaviour emerging across the globe and ever-louder calls for even more action. Bristol is widely seen as a leader in this change. 86% of Bristolians are concerned about climate change, and levels are high across different ages, ethnicities and the city’s 34… (read more)