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  • We are delighted to present our 2022 Brigstow funded Ideas Exchanges. Brigstow Institutes Ideas exchange funding provides researchers the time and resources to connect with others and explore an idea’s potential together. It is designed to support emerging, interdisciplinary networks and partnerships that are co-designed and co-run with external partners. This cohort of seventeen ideas… (read more)
  • ‘Metre and Memorisation’, a Brigstow institute project and a collaboration between English and Psychology academics, investigates how we learn poetry off by heart, and how it feels when we do. Along with psychology graduate Rebecca Jackson, I led a series of Zoom sessions last summer in which we asked participants to memorise a Shakespeare sonnet… (read more)
  • As part of our Brigstow project, a Tricky Hat Productions and The Flames performance on the theme of menopause was to be put on by Yvonne and the OnFife team. This sounded like a huge challenge, especially during the pandemic and lockdown, but the process itself was amazing. Yvonne and the OnFife Team’s Pause Not… (read more)
  • We are delighted to announce that the following research projects have been awarded Brigstow Institute Seedcorn Funding in our 2022 funding call. Tim Cole, Director of Brigstow Institute says ‘The 2022 cohort of Brigstow seedcorn projects continue the tradition of drawing on interdisciplinary and co-produced ways of working to ask how we can live well… (read more)
  • University of Bristol Course: Phd Candidate, Department of History, Bristol University. Researching the roles and reputations of female ale sellers in C17th south west England. Studentship: We are Bristol History Commission Studentship Why did you want to take part in this opportunity? I had been following the work of the We Are Bristol History Commission, which… (read more)
  • “…the number of fixed-term exclusions have definitely increased. It has gone up in the last five months…zero-tolerance policies have become the bane of our lives.” (teacher) Including the Excluded is a rapid project which aimed to co-produce knowledge on educational and emotional experiences of excluded pupils in Bristol during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a Bristol-based… (read more)
  • Image: Environmental entrepreneur, Ogechi Nwonye, with other environmentalists at the unveiling of waste recycling fabricated bins at Unity Park, Enugu, Nigeria. The bins help to curtail the incessant littering of waste around the park and to encourage a clean and green environment. With about 83 million Nigerians living below the poverty line and the youths… (read more)
  • Defining ‘Food Justice’ is not easy. When it comes to ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ in relation to our food system, should we be concerned with questions of individual citizens’ access to sustainable sources of subsistence, or issues of production, labour and the practices of agri-business? Do people have clear rights to food? And should such rights… (read more)
  • We are delighted to announce that Professor Debbie Watson has been appointed as the new Director of the University of Bristol’s Brigstow Institute! Debbie will take over the role from Professor Tim Cole from August 2022 but will work in a limited capacity alongside him and the Brigstow team until then to ensure continuity. She will continue to lead the… (read more)