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  • According to a survey (Teach the Future), 70% of UK teachers say they are not adequately prepared to teach about climate change, thus, carefully designed professional development (PD) for teachers is vital. (read more)
  • Some consumers are passively interested in sustainability issues and will take account of them in their online shopping behaviour only if it is easy and straightforward to do so... some consumer "detectives" are willing to put many hours into finding the information needed to make sustainable purchasing decisions, and to share this with other consumers and brands. (read more)
  • ‘Walking and Re-Creation’ was an interdisciplinary conversation which brought together the worlds of performance and public health, history and the contemporary moment, practice and theory. It took a long historical view of walking as a form of exercise, transport, healthy activity, and leisure to merge past and present, with the aim of discovering what walking then can tell us about walking and wellbeing now, in the age of coronavirus at the time. (read more)
  • The ships got a bit lost on the way, and they ended up off the coast of Sierra Leone. There, according to the evidence we have from journals, they traded peaceably with the Temne people and Portuguese intercessors, and performed Hamlet on board the Red Dragon, possibly before an African or Afro-Portuguese audience. (read more)
  • A core outcome of that project was the development of a Diary Toolkit and the generation of data on its efficacy for improving teacher wellbeing in the UK. Lucy Kelly worked closely with local teachers through focus groups and workshops and Grace Huxford explored the history of diaries and examined the archival holdings of the Theatre Collection and Bristol Special Collection. (read more)
  • Constitutional Therapy tells the story of Chile’s Constitution as it undergoes psychological therapy, where through a series of regressions it eventually locates the origins of its trauma: in an authoritarian, dictatorial and exclusionary past, which it has to confront in order to be able to turn the page and begin a new life. (read more)
  • The print shop of the hand press period is an early modern exemplar of critical making and co-production: hand press books were and are the products of many hands, hands which are often rendered invisible by the final product. This occlusion of the means of textual production is echoed and amplified by the troubling easiness of word processors and emails and messaging apps. (read more)
  • ‘Creative Grieving’ drew on insights from psychotherapists, bereavements councillors, and art therapists as well as artists, photographers, directors and writers who had turned to creative projects as a means of expressing and processing their grief. The project involved traditional research components and practice-as-research components. (read more)
  • This Ideas Exchange project aims to host a workshop to explore the entangled history of the sea, and in doing so improve our understanding of how the oceans contribute to human wellbeing. (read more)